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 Post subject: More Hobbies!
PostPosted: May 19th, '20, 12:52 

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Location: Battle Ground, Washington, US

My name is Jason, and I go by jason_not. My handle pretty much originates from some logic design classes I took many many moons ago.

I am new to aquaponics. For me it's the electro-mechanics of it all. My wife, Stacy, is the real gardener. Having said that, I got a heck of a kick-start: I bought Geek2nurse's house and property and inherited her aquaponics system!

So we started it up last week, it's been dormant for a long time. (had to hack our way into the greenhouse)...

A few questions have begun to form in my head, and I am glad I have a system already built to play with to form them.

By the way she asked me to wave to BullwinkleII, so HI BullwinkleII :wave1: !

So one of the first things I noticed on this site is the aquaponics shop doesn't link anywhere. Do you all have a list of sites you prefer to buy parts from? There are a few things I need to acquire: information, a test kit (plus how to use it) and at this point, seals: probably Uniseals.

It's a bit like drinking from the firehose here.

So here's the general design of the system as-is:

the fish tank is an IBC sitting on a couple of steel pallets to give it some height. (ok a lot of height: Geek2nurse is > 6 feet tall, so there might be a bit of bias there...). there is a 3 inch pipe off the top via Tee fitting (open top to prevent siphoning with loss of power, and to act as an overflow preventer). the 3 inch pipe is used to distribute to two media beds. there is also a 1 inch bypass pipe to divert extra water back to the sump as the pump moves a lot more water than will drain into the beds.

Both beds (one running right now) are cut from IBC's: roughly 1/3 height, with bell siphons in the center which discharge directly into the sump. so it's a single loop system.

The pump doesn't have a label, so I will be measuring the electrical current and figuring out at least how many horses it has, and calculating the gph thereafter.

I am considering building an eductor out of pvc pipe just to clear out the gunk at the bottom of the fish tank: starting up the system moved a lot of organic material that had broken down in the system. I am reluctant to just dump the water and start over again.

I am also probably going to build a solids filter on the output of the tank, also to help out.

We have a couple of plants we transplanted from our old house already: A culinary Bay tree volunteer and an elderberry. They seem to be doing ok for the moment.

We do need to get fish, but I thought I'd get the system operating better first, you know fix the leaks etc.

I am also reading Geek2Nurse's ~60 page thread to catch up on her design and thinking about the system and hopefully glean any advice given to her so I don't have to ask you all again :D

i will also draw up the system and post it here for comment.

Thanks for your time!


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 Post subject: Re: More Hobbies!
PostPosted: May 20th, '20, 00:50 
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Welcome to the forum Jason. You can also just get a rough idea of the flow by using a 5 gallon bucket and timing the delivery (may not be convenient but it works).

Most people use the API Freshwater Master Test Kit. You can get this at any pet store or online - cost around 30 dollars.

There are lots of alternatives for uniseals but you'll probably need to order them online. Allied Aqua was where I got mine but there weren't as many options back then - they may still be the best :dontknow: .

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 Post subject: Re: More Hobbies!
PostPosted: May 20th, '20, 02:12 
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Welcome Jason, it's good to see you are going to keep the system running. I hope we hear a lot from you.

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9 kW Solar Electric 2011

" nanotechnology that produces fresh vegetables and meat, while purifying water..." - Rick Op, Houston Texas.

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