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What is the (minor) problem with these baby plants?
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Author:  Homeslice [ Feb 11th, '22, 13:14 ]
Post subject:  What is the (minor) problem with these baby plants?

These are okra plants that I am going to plant in my aquaponics aquarium. They are currently in vermiculite. I am feeding them masterblend/magnesium sulfate/calcium nitrate a .5 teaspoons/.35/.5 teaspoons per gallon of water, roughly. They are growing like crazy, but in the pic below you can see some light green splashes instead of the dark green, then on at least one of the leaves what looks like are some little burned looking stops. Also, a couple of the leaves are curling up.

Anyone have any ideas what is causing this, what nutrient deficiency or deficiencies there are, or maybe I am feeing them too much>



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