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PostPosted: Aug 22nd, '18, 10:10 

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I have done a 10 gallon aquarium with a 5 gallon sump tank using a dollar store wash basin for a bed and hydroton media
It worked well for quite some time. The first thing I was able to grow was replanted celery.

So now I have upgraded to a 20 gallon tank for my 7 goldfish. I bought 6 from PetCo and lost one the 2nd day. I then inherited 2 carnival goldfish that were already a couple years old.

For my new setup I'm going to use a 20 gallon tank, a 10 gallon sump, 2 bus bins from Sam's club, 2 small rectangle window sill planters and a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket for a swirl filter.

My setup is on a stacked 4' x 8' 2 shelf that's 4' high.

My fish tank is on the lower shelf on the left and the sump on the right.

The water is pumped from fish tank straight up 3' and turned 90° into the swirl filter. It leaves the swirl filter and drains into the 2 planters (floating raft) which drain into the 2 bus tubs (flood & drain).

All the water then drains into the sump and is pumped back into the fish tank.

My questions are:
What size pvc should I use?

What size pumps?

Should I have 2 pumps?

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PostPosted: Aug 23rd, '18, 06:23 
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Looks like there is not enough information to completely answer all your questions but maybe you can figure them out with the following information.

If you're pumping from the fish tank then you'll probably need a pump in the sump tank to bring the water back into the fish tank because the sump is usually the lowest point in the system. It's better if you can set the system up to only use one pump. Maybe you could pump from the sump up and then have everything drain to the fish tank which drains by gravity to the sump and then only use one pump.

For figuring the pump out you need to have one that delivers the volume of the fish tank once per hour. Figure how much water you're pump will deliver at the head height you are pumping to. Head height is the top of the water the pump is in to the highest point the water reaches. Most pumps will have a table or chart giving you this information or you may find it on the Internet. It's usually good to have a bit of extra capacity that you can divert back for aeration. You don't want to overdo it though because the extra will cost you in electricity.

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