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Author:  DrDoggy [ Aug 31st, '21, 05:04 ]
Post subject:  Anthroponics

Does this actually work?
Can I just replace my nutrient water with urine?
What kind of pre-processing does it need?

I have a 30gal bio filter with about 100$ worth of K1(so like 2-3cuft). I am running so far with no succes, I am using rabbit urine speciffically but cannot detect any ammonia with fish test kit. It has been running for a week but the water is the same dingey color as when I started.

I dropped the ph from 9 (its natural state) to 7 and ran for another week but i still see no changes.

I launched 3 tests on plants without any pre-processing, all 3 has the ppm has been dropped to 800:
1 control with plant food,
1 with urine ph 9,
1 with urine ph 7.

but both urine plants are yellowing.

what am i doing wrong, and how do i know when its right?

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