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Hi all,

I have a mature indoor system 1.5yrs running in Ireland

300L Fish Tank (Goldfish)
0.5m2 Hydroton Ebb&Flow Bed (strawberries)
0.5m2 DWC Bed (various salads and herbs)

Fish Feed about 20gr/day

Water temp 22C
pH 6.6-7.2
kH 1-2
gH 14
Ammonia 0-0.25ppm
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0-20ppm

pH is dropping due to Nitrification as expected
whenever it hits around 6.8pH I add 5-10gr of Potassium BiCarbonate which brings the pH back up to 7
I do this about once per week (I am working on a dosing system that will make this more gently)

However the issue I think I have is that my kH with above method can never go higher than 2dkH. If I would want it to be higher that would raise my pH drastically.

Also to note is that the gH is always quite high at 14 and doesnt change much

My Tap water is ph7.5 and kH6

I am a bit confused as to how I am supposed to ever reach a higher kH which would be ideal for the Fish and make my buffer more stable?
Is there any way I can raise the kH without drastically directly raising the pH?
Or is my system just not mature enough or not enough fish/fish feed throughput?

Any help highly appreciated.



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