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Raising pH help needed
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Author:  Drummat [ Nov 25th, '19, 21:48 ]
Post subject:  Raising pH help needed

Hi there,

It's winter here in France, temperature of the water is around 5°C, nitrites are 0.05ppm, NH4 is 0.05 ppm and Nitrates are around 80ppm.

But my pH dropped below 6.0 three weeks ago and I'm struggling with it. I can't raise it. I don't understand why.

Every day I add Calcium hydroxide and Potassium bicarbonate and nothing happens. Sometimes my pH raise at 7.0 and the next mornig, again it's at 6 or less... Kh is around 1.

What's the problem?

My pH target is 6.8 / 7

Thanks for helping

Author:  7341 [ Nov 26th, '19, 05:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Raising pH help needed

Drummat wrote:
What's the problem?

The buffer has been depleted.

Hydroxides won't buffer the water & Bicarbonates are a weak buffer.

Crush up some shell grit (oyster shell/Calcium Carbonate) almost to a powder & put it in tights & leave it next to a inlet or outlet,so the water is aggitating it.Then over the next few days it will slowly bring the PH back up.

The PH swings you're having is massive,the bacteria can die from that & good luck cycling again with 5C.

A KH of 1 (I assume test drop?) is nothing,my system drops 3 KH drops everyday.That's why it's important to keep a decent buffer going.

Author:  Wilsil [ Nov 26th, '19, 08:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Raising pH help needed

Crushed lime stone helps.

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